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Aquamarine - Elastic Bracelet 6mm

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Aquamarine brings one in touch with the subconscious, the domains of spirit, and our deepest emotions. It activates the throat chakra, assisting one in the clear communication of one's highest truth and is also good for all types of calming and cooling. It is a stone of release, helping free oneself of attachments to old patterns and ways of being. It is a stone of empowerment, helping one to realize that not all power comes from force; there is a tremendous power in aligning oneself with the yielding, resilient quality of life. It's deeply cleansing energy can assist one in rapidly moving through transition and change.

Chakras: Throat and Heart

Planets: Neptune

Zodiacs: Aries, Gemini and Pisces

Element: Water

Mohs Hardness: 8

Bead size: 6mm Bracelet Size: 7 inches & stretchy.