Crystal Connections Class - Feb 21

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Join us for a powerful journey of connecting to the Crystal Allies! 

February 21 @ 5:30-7pm

In this interactive 1 1/2 hour class, you will learn how the Crystal Allies are here to help us navigate the shift in consciousness unfolding upon the planet and how they can assist each of us personally to become the highest versions of ourselves that we incarnated to be. We will learn how the crystals work with our energies fields to facilitate healing and growth, how to choose crystals that can best support our journey at this moment in time, how to most effectively clear our crystals and much more! 

Most importantly, through a series of guided meditations we will learn how to connect to the wisdom that our Crystal Ally friends wish to share with us and how we can best work with them to co-create the highest outcomes possible for our growth.

Please bring with you a crystal of your choice from home for the guided meditations.